Where to Find Dorm Essentials at Low Prices


Move in day is just around the corner. If you haven’t already started shopping for dorm essentials like bedding, decorations, school supplies, etc., you will soon. I know I always left my shopping to the last minute, but as long as I managed to find everything I needed before school then it was fine. If you need help thinking of what to pack, just check out our checklist! The problem is finding a place to shop that won’t be too expensive. I can’t really justify spending $60 on just two pillowcases, even if they are an 800 thread count.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places that have back to school sales or have sections for back to school where you can find fashionable but inexpensive dorm essentials and school supplies. AllPosters is one of those places. Until tomorrow, August 9, AllPosters is having a back to school sale where all posters start at only $2.98! They have a huge collection of posters from all your favorite movies, TV shows, musical artists, and they also have art prints and photography too. If you’re looking for posters, definitely check them out.

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Another store good for dorm decoration and supplies is Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Some of their stuff might get a little pricey, but if you shop in the right areas, you can find tons of sheet sets, blankets, organizational tools, etc. for your room. You can buy bean bag chairs, closet organizers, filing cabinets, rugs, pretty much anything that you would want to help keep your room neat and pretty.

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If you’re looking for electronics for your room like a TV, stereo, laptop, or mini fridge, a good place to look would be Best Buy. They’ll have tons of choices in brand, size, color, and price, so you can find one that you like and is affordable. It’s also a good place to stock up on any movies you may want to bring with you to watch on your DVD player, and they usually sell some posters. And don’t forget about things like surge protectors, which you’ll also be able to get at Best Buy.

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Walmart is known for it’s low prices, and that’s no different when it comes to dorm stuff. You can also buy some electronics here like TVs, and also cameras for those nights out when you want memorialize the event with pictures. You’ll also be able to find sheets and bedding here as well as things for organizing your room like wall hooks. And, you can buy all your school supplies here too.

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Last but not least, check out Target for your dorm needs. They’ve got tons of cute bedding to help match your room color scheme. Also, if you’re looking for mirrors, I always get mine from Target. They’re pretty inexpensive, and I’ve found some that you can easily hang on the back of the door, eliminating a lot of work that comes if you have to hang it on a wall.

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