Move In Day Playlist


Getting ready for move in day, and actually moving in, is a stressful time. You have to make sure you have everything you need, deal with saying goodbye to your parents, adjust to living in a new place with new people, etc. Not to mention you have to pack and unpack the car, and lug all of your suitcases and things into your room all while hundreds of other families are doing the same thing. If just moving doesn’t stress you out, having to deal with everyone else doing the same thing probably will.


What’s a good way to battle this stress? Play some music! Have playlists for when you’re packing all your things, moving everything and rearranging your room, and for when you unpack. This will hopefully help to keep everyone in a good mood, and lighten the atmosphere. When you’re feeling tense, just start to move along with the music and you’ll feel better. When making your playlists, make sure to have music everyone will enjoy. If your parents are helping you move in, you won’t want to have a lot of dirty rap or heavy metal song on your playlist. This could potentially cause more stress when they start complaining about your music. You’ll also want to pick songs that are upbeat to help give you some energy.


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Some examples of moving day playlists are here, here, and here.

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