How to Find a Cheap Flight

Summer is the time to relax, have some fun, and plan a spontaneous trip. Can you believe that it’s already half way over? Now is the time for you to plan a last minute vacation! Don’t settle for soaking up the sun at your local beach when you can easily have a real getaway. Here are some great tips from to finding cheap flights at the last minute to get you started on summer adventures.














1. Use Your Miles -or someone else’s


Pretty self-explanatory. If you don’t have enough though, ask a family or friend .  Some airline programs allow you to buy points, offer partial miles and cash payment options. Tip: You can have a combination of using some mile points and cash.


2. Call the Airline – it doesn’t hurt to try


Ask them if they have any options for last minute flights that wouldn’t normally be found online. Caution – the call may cost you a $25 fee. This one might be a longshot, but sometimes airlines allow the agents to make decisions for certain situations.


3. Stay a Few Days (especially a Saturday night)


Some airlines add a minimum-stay requirement of one /two nights (this may include a Saturday night), in which case….do it.


4. Check Prices on Low-Cost Airlines (for better last-minute fares)


Overall, lower base-price for last-minute travelers can be found at travel comparison sites where they checkout the prices for you. Sites such as .


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Compare prices and save! Enjoy!






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