Fishtail Braid Tutorial


Fishtail braids look like they’d be complicated and time-consuming, and I would always make my one friend do it for me because I didn’t think I’d be able to learn how to. But surprisingly, once I actually read a tutorial, I realized that it isn’t very hard to do at all! It takes a couple of times to really get good at it, but it’s definitely a favorite hairstyle of mine. Here’s a quick tutorial so that all those girls who think that they can’t do it, realize that they can.


First you split your hair down the middle into two large sections. If you want it to be neat, you can use a comb to part it and make it straight, or you can go for a messier look.


Now, take a small strand of hair from underneath one of the sections. So if you take it from the right, pull it over the right section, and pull it under the left section. Pull it tight, especially when you’re just learning.


The next step is to repeat using the other side. Take a strand from the left, pull it over and grasp it under the right side, so it now becomes part of the right section. Try to keep the strands the same size, as it will make your braid look better. Also, skinnier strands make a more elegant braid, but it takes longer.


Keep repeating this step, alternating sides, until you get to the bottom of the braid. Tie it off with an elastic and congratulations! You’ve finished your first fishtail braid. If it’s too tight, you can pull on the strands to loosen it. If it looks like a disaster, don’t worry, the same thing happened to me. It gets easier.

fishtail6See look? If I can do it, everyone definitely can.



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