Buy Makeup on a Budget


Every girl wants to be able to buy the high quality makeup, but it can be hard to justify spending $36 just to buy one lipstick. Luckily, there are places where you can buy some that will last all day and won’t smudge or make your face look streaky, without paying the same price as a shirt from Charlotte Russe or something. Stores like e.l.f, Shany, and Beauty Online Supply provide customers with quality makeup for low prices.

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner, e.l.f. Mineral Blush

e.l.f. Studio Shimmer Palette, e.l.f. Gem Powder Brush

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budgetmakeup4 budgetmakeup6Shany Nail Sticker-Snow, “Let’s Make Waves” 28 Colors Palette

budgetmakeup5 budgetmakeup8Shany Tote Bag, Shany Pro Studio Quality ZGF Premium Goat Hair Brush Set

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So if you’re looking for good makeup that you can actually afford and not feel guilty about spending too much money, just check out these three stores. They have a ton of variety, so you’ll be able to find just the right color scheme for eye shadow or skin color for bronzer or concealer. They also have a ton of nail accessories, hair accessories, hair color, pretty much everything you could possibly need from any beauty store, each of these places will have it. Plus, you can get deals at all of these places with Studentrate, meaning that the already low prices will be even lower! Now makeup is affordable for everyone.

budgetmakeup12 budgetmakeup9Ruby Kisses All-Over Glow Bronzing Cream, i.ENVY Full Strip

budgetmakeup11 budgetmakeup10i.ENVY Lash Envy Express Volume Mascara,Ruby Kisses Color Design Lipstick

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